Be Aware!

Be Aware! It is again the season that traveling asphalt pavers and painters may approach you to perform work. Please be cautious when selecting a contractor. Here are some warning signs:
• Selling door-to-door: Ask for references
• Claiming they have leftover asphalt from another job: Professional asphalt contractors generally know how much paving material is needed and rarely will have leftover material
• Pushing you to make a quick decision: Reputable contractors will provide a written estimate valid for weeks or months. If the great deal they are offering you today is not available tomorrow or next week, it may be a scam
• No contract offered: Insist upon a written contract specifying the work to be performed and the price
• Cash only sales: Most reputable contractors take checks and don’t require cash only
• Deals that seem to be too good to be true: If the quoted price seems very low, chances are the quality of the work will also be quite low
• Unmarked truck: Often the trucks they travel in are unmarked or have out-of-state licenses.
Know who you are doing business with. Take time to make sure the contractor is legitimate. Do not pay until the work is completed and you are satisfied. You may be safer dealing with a contractor who has roots in the community.