Jeans Day is collecting for Western IL Youth Camp in April!

What started as a fundraiser for breast cancer in October has caught on at the First National Bank of Arenzville. In October of 2014, the Bank decided to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness by sponsoring a “Jeans Day” every Friday. Employees could wear jeans IF they donated three dollars per Friday to the fundraiser.

“Jeans Day” was a huge hit. It was such a favorite that it was held over in November for a new charity. Then it came back in December for “Toys for Tots”. In January the donations went to the annual Food Drive. Now each month, Jeans Day donations are being collected for different local charities. Employees still donate three dollars for the privilege of wearing jeans on Friday…but we’ve also gotten our customers in on the fun! We keep the “Jeans Day” collection bin out all week long with a note about our current beneficiary. If customers feel the urge to help out, they can drop a buck or two in the bin.

Our Jeans Day donation recipient for April is Western IL Youth Camp .

Want to make a donation to Western IL Youth Camp ? Just drop by any of our three locations and find the “Jeans Day” donation bin, or hand your dollars over to one of our friendly tellers. They’ll make sure it gets to the right place.